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Written by Rev Dr John Taylor whose formative years were in Buxton  COMMONSENSE The Musings of a Cloth - Cap Theologian is to be published in December 2018

John was born in Buxton. He began local preaching in the Buxton Circuit. This book takes us to the journey of his life after Buxton. It includes the Ivory Coast, marriage to Margaret, Circuit Ministry, College Tutor, Chair of the Liverpool District and President of the Methodist Conference. There is a travel section and a series of thought provoking articles.

This is a Big Book well worth £10 per copy. In the preface John writes:-

I hope you may like to buy a copy even if it will languish unread on your bookshelf, just to benefit the charity I want to support. I am not seeking to make money for myself.

I intend to pay the cost of the book’s production, so that I can donate any income to
Cancer Research in recognition of - and gratitude for - the treatment I have received, which whilst undignified, has shown real progress since the time when my mother-in-law had the same problem thirty-five years ago. Without that care I would have been dead and gone years ago.

So, I hope to raise £10 a copy (plus postage if that is how you receive your copy). The way of the marketplace would be to charge £9.99 + pp!

Many, many people have lived with cancer in its various forms. They have suffered themselves,or suffered with a relative or close friend. They know the need for continuing research. I trust that you will share their concern.

BOOKS can be ordered from Russell Baker and any cheques should be made out to "Robert Davies".

1st Wednesday in the month: Earl Sterndale coffee morning from 10.30 am

3rd Thursday in the month: Harpur Hill Community
coffee morning from 10.30 am

Every Tuesday and Saturday morning: Cafe at Buxton
from 10 am to 12 noon

Tuesday mornings at Buxton: 10.30 am short service in the church

Lent lunches at Parish Centre from 5th March to 9th April

6th March Ash Wednesday Service 10.30 am at Fairfield

21st March Circuit Meeting 2 pm at Buxton

19th April 10 am Buxton Good Friday services

19th April 2.30 pm Hollinsclough Good Friday service and tea

21st April 8 am Easter HC at Solomon’s Temple

21st April 2.30 pm Hollinsclough with Band

4th May Coffee Morning for Christian Aid/Red Cross at Earl Sterndale 10 am to 1 pm

6th May Spring Fair. Buxton. All day

16th May Coffee Morning for Christian Aid at Harpur Hill 10.30 am to 12 noon

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